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Awesome Summer Picnic Gear

Awesome Summer Picnic Gear
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Updated: 7/24/2023 | Summer Picnic Gear

Summer is just around the corner and picnics are one of our favorite things to do. We love packing our favorite food, snacks, and drinks and taking it to the park or beach. 

If you’re wondering what goes into a picnic kit, we’ve got the best products that have been tried and tested by our team of reviewers.

Awesome Summer Picnic Gear

Here is a list of picnic gear that will improve how you hang out outdoors!

#1 Hydro Flask Unbound Backpack

hydro flask unbound series cooler backpack goldenrod

Hydro Flask Unbound Cooler Backpack

We have been carrying all our drinks and snacks to the park and beach for years in this nifty Hydro Flask Unbound cooler backpack.

It’s super easy to clean and comes in tons of colors to match your favorite mood. 

#2 Host Drinkware

Host Drinkware Freeze™ Cooling Cup Unicorn Swirl

Host makes these awesome Freeze™ Cooling Cups that you can throw into a picnic basket to keep your favorite beverages cool using their patented gel technology. 

They’re super easy to clean. Just rinse with mild soap and throw it back into the freezer for your next outing.

The cups also come with lids to prevent spillage and debris from entering your drink. Choose from different colors and patterns so that you never accidentally grab your friend’s cup when hanging outside.

#3 Sandproof Beach Blanket

 A sandproof beach blanket is a must in your picnic kit.

Sandproof beach blankets are lightweight, super easy to clean (just throw them in the washer and machine dry), and they often fold into little squares for easy packing.

#4 Stojo Collapsible Bowls and Cups

Stojo Collapsible Bowl Pink with Acai BowlStojo makes amazing collapsible bowls that you can store your favorite picnic dishes in. We love bringing fruits, salads, charcuteries accouterments, acai bowls, and more in our Stojo gear.

Stojo is also reusable and sustainable and great for use at home and while traveling!

#5 Zip Top Containers

Zip Top Reusable Silicone bagsConsider the food storage system from Zip Top to store all your snacks and more.

Their reusable silicone containers stand upright and won’t tip over when you’re snacking on your picnic blanket.

#6 Pretty Glassware

joyjolt crystal champagne flutes cylinder

Joyjolt Claire Champagne Flutes

Champagne flutes are a great way to make your picnic a fancy experience! We love pairing some bubbly with a charcuterie plate. 

#7 Travel Cutlery

Reusable Travel Cutlery Pink

We are obsessed with this stackable cutlery set sold on Day Owl.

It’s machine washable and compacts so that you can carry it in your purse or backpack. It also comes in three fun pastel colorways. 

Use this link to save 20% off your first order at Day Owl.

#8 Travel Sling with Cooler

Travelon Coastal Cinch Bag & Cooler yellow

Travelon makes amazing travel gear that is both appealing and functional. We love their Coastal Cinch Bag that has a cooler compartment on the bottom. We stuff a few snacks and drinks in here when we go to the park and hold our picnic blanket and essentials in the top compartment.

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