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Alley & Rae Review and Size Guide

Alley & Rae











  • True to Size/Unisex
  • Cute Prints and Designs
  • Preshrunk


  • Expensive
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Updated: 9/1/2021 | Alley & Rae Review

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About Alley & Rae

Alley & Rae is a women-owned apparel company. They specialized in witty, hilarious, uplifting and empowering printed t-shirts and tank tops. There is definitely something for everyone at Alley & Rae.

How is Alley & Rae sizing?

Alley & Rae is true to size. A size small fits like a lululemon size 6 top. Their products are already pre-shrunk so you do not have to worry about them shrinking in the washer and dryer.

All their T-shirt sizes are unisex.

Their tank tops run small. I recommend sizing up to a medium if you typically wear a small.

Favorite Alley & Rae Designs

Here are a few of our favorite Alley & Rae designs.

#1 Have a Nice Day T-Shirt


Alley and Rae Have a Nice Day T-Shirt Smiley Face

Have a Nice Day! 😀

#2 Bearly Awake T-shirt

bearly awake tshirt alley and rae

#3 Grow Through What You Go Through T-Shirt

alley and rae grow through what you go through t-shirt

#4 TGIF Jason Vorhees Halloween T-shirt

alley and rae TGIF t-shirt jason vorhees

#5 Jet Lagged T-shirt

alley and rae jet lagged t-shirt

#6 Fierce Female T-Shirt

fierce female empowerment t-shirt alley and rae

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Should I Buy Alley & Rae?

Heck yeah! We love their comfy tops and wear them constantly. They’re perfect for work from home and great conversation starters.

We always have people asking us “Hey! Where did you get that shirt?!” It’s definitely worth investing in a few Alley & Rae tops to boost your wardrobe klout.

Use our link to save 10% off your orders at Alley & Rae. Simply copy the code REF10-SCHIMIGGY and add it during checkout.

Alternatively, you can also use this link to receive 10% off.

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