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2016 Goals

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My 2016 Goals

I’m sitting here at 3 in the morning wondering where do I begin?

My life has been shooting in all directions since I moved to Seattle in late 2013. I worked at an awesome yoga studio and was given the chance to delve deeper into my yoga practice. What developed from being at the yoga studio was a 200 Hour RYT Certification, giving me the opportunity to teach at the Seattle Gym and Be Lumionus Yoga. I toyed with a career in fashion buying at Nordstrom. I’ve been able to travel to France, London and Mexico. And I was invited to be YOGA PANDA (which is a total honor if you know the real me).  I have an amazing group of friends. I’ve spent time with my dog all over Seattle AND she is healthy. My boyfriend and I moved into a sweet condo in lower Queen Anne and we have all the fixins’. My wealth has been plentiful in terms of friendship, experience and love.

I could not ask for more! However, 2016 will be the year that I will WORK towards more.

My 2016 Goals

Refocusing on my Career goals

I was invited to create my own job title with Yoga Panda and the Seattle Yoga News (hence the conception of this article). I decided I wanted to combine the three things I am interested in into one title: Marketing, PR and Events Coordinator. I’ve held various jobs with multiple titles, since I have always been a Jack of all trades kinda gal. I’m a problem solver and teacher. I have just started to create a job description which will help guide me in the direction I want to be in career wise in the next 2-3 years. It’s far from a will o’ the wisp when I think about it. All I have to do is write down my goals, internalize them and LIVE them. Now, time to put my thoughts into action!

Yoga Teaching + Practice

I am currently teaching an evening Monday and Wednesday class at Seattle Gym. I had a great opportunity to teach the community class at Be Luminous Yoga. Hopefully they will allow me to be on their sub list in 2016. Must connect with the right people and get on the sub list at other yoga studios. I want to teach more and believe that subbing will be the best option for me at this point in my life. Teaching approximately 4-6 times a week would be ideal.


I aim to write at least once a month. I mainly focus on product reviews but there is so much more I want to share to my readers about yoga, my dreams, my hopes, and myself. I realize there is a barrier around me that prevents me from the vulnerability and transparency that I strive for. I am a girl with many friendships, but I am usually on the end of receiving and never giving of myself. Maybe because I translate it as a way of me burdening others with my petty problems. Regardless, I need to share more of myself that because it’s healthy and transcending across many planes of life.

My Partner

Larry is my boyfriend of 3.5 years. We met over 6 years ago and I was never single long enough to find out that my soulmate was right in front of me all this time. We don’t have a story of when we met. We just hope that one day the story just comes to us in the most random of times and places. But whatever, maybe having no story IS our story.

Larry has been supportive of me and I am undoubtedly thankful for his unconditional love. I can be needy, demanding, irrational and the list goes on, but his temperance and patience go beyond that of an ox. I aim to work on my career goals so that I may support Larry as much as he has supported me. Larry needs a vacation to catch up on sleep. I will be working towards giving Larry more sleep.

My Dog

Bebot is 9 years old. She has a loving Auntie named Emily who cares for her as if my dog were her own. I can tell that Bebot loves Emily unconditionally. I appreciately (like a HUGE appreciate) Emily for her love and acceptance of Bebot. I will thank Emily (and James) in the best way possible. Emily is the best and if you ever met her, you would know why.

As for me, I hope to spend more time with Bebot and continue to take her to explore the world.

My Family

I do not talk about my family much because it brings pain to think that the person I want most in my life cannot be there for me. Having that amicable, best friend relationship with my mom has a been a longterm goal. Mental illness has been a major contributing factor as to why I feel so disconnected when it comes to the subject of my mother. I will try to speak and reach out to my mom more often. I know she misses and loves me, she just does not know how to relay it. I have to find that patience and willingness within myself to persevere through the toughest of layers to gain a mother-daughter relationship. I’ve learned this from Larry and his family.

I am done with my 2016 goals for now. Some will be more attainable than most. I will do my best to strive for an amazing 2016.

Namaste + <3


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.