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Vasque Footwear Review

Vasque Footwear Review
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Updated: 3/6/2024 | Vasque Footwear Review

Vasque Reconnect Now sneaker white Flip Belt Thermal Leggings Nike Sherpa Jacket

About Vasque

Vasque is a men’s and women’s footwear brand. They are known for their various styles of hiking and walking shoes made to inspire people to go outdoors.

The brand was created by W.D Sweazy who was inspired by the European hiking movement in 1964. He returned to the US and decided to make hiking shoes and inspire people in the United States to get out and hike.

For over 60 years, Vasque has been outfitting train hikers, runners, and more. 

Vasque (pronounced “vask”) was named after the Vasquez Peak, a mountain peak that sits at 12,947 feet of elevation. 

Vasque Footwear Review

I received the following Vasque shoes to review:

  • Re:Connect Here  ($130) – This is their lightweight hiking shoe that is made to I got this shoe in a gorgeous SPHAGNUM GREEN.

Vasque Reconnect Now Sneaker White

Vasque Pros

  • Lightweight – These shoes are SO LIGHT. They feel like walking on clouds.
  • Comfortable – The shoes are super comfortable. They coutour to your feet. I have very high arches and these are so supportive right out the box!
  • No break in period needed! The shoes are ready to go!
  • Padded Heel Design – The heel collar is extremely comfortable. it gives the shoe some padding as well as makes the shoe fit much more firmly.
  • Breathable – The shoes have a recycled polyester upper mesh, which is very breathable. We recommend wearing the shoes with athletic no-show socks.
  • Cushioned Sole and Footbed – The footbed is super cushioned yet supportive. 
  • Reasonably Priced – The shoes are only $130 USD!
  • Free Shipping AND Returns! Vasque wnats you to find your perfect fit. Buy a few pairs and return the ones you don’t need for free!
  • Inclusive size range – Women’s sizes range from 6 to 12 and men’s is from 7 to 14. I wear a size 7.5 and typically wear a street size 7.

Vasque Cons

  • Does not offer wide-width or narrow options. Vasque is not great for people who have wider feet.

Vasque Reconnect Now running shoe nike jacket Flip Belt leggings

What I’m Wearing

Vasque Reconnect Now Sneakers ($130) | Flip Belt Thermal Leggings ($65) | Nike Sherpa Jacket ($100) | PACT Mock Neck Sweatshirt ($100)

Nike sherpa jacket Flip Belt Leggings Vasque Sneakers Saint Owen Sunglasses

Should I Buy Vasque?

I am shocked as to how comfortable these shoes are. They are great for people with average width to skinny feet. 

I love the fit, style, price point, and performance. They are great for wearing casually, while working out, and hiking.

Where to Shop for Vasque Footwear

Shop for Vasque shoes directly on their website

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