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Teadora Review: Natural Amazonian Superfruit Skincare Products

Teadora Review: Natural Amazonian Superfruit Skincare Products
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Summer is coming! And what that means for me is dry skin, getting more tan wherever I go and feeling like a prune by the end of the Summer season. Luckily there are beauty products to help keep me moisturized and protect me from harsh weather conditions.

I did a search on natural oils that would help keep my skin hydrated and found Teadora Beauty, a company offering natural Amazonian beauty products while preserving the Amazonian rainforest.

About Teadora Beauty

teadora beauty tom and val creators

Val and Tom, creators of Teadora Beauty

In Portuguese, “Teadora” means adores you. Tom and Val are the creators of Teadora. They show their love for the world through their line of natural and organic products made with powerful, unique and sustainable ingredients found in the Amazonian rainforest. Each product sold allows one tree to be planted in the Amazonian rainforest.

Teadora products commit to high performance that are positive for the environment and community, toxin-free, vegan and cruelty-free. While Val and Tom currently reside in Oregon, Teadora products are made and packaged in Bellevue, Washington.

Teadora Review: Natural Amazonian Skincare

teadora beauty review products

Teadora Beauty products (left to right): Beauty Butter, Radiance and Renewal oil, and Ultra Silky Cleanser

Teadora sent me three products of my choosing to review. I requested skincare products because that’s my major concern right now as we head into the Summer season.

#1 Radiance Renewal Oil

The Radiance and Renewal Oil is known as a multi-tasking oil and can be used throughout the body. It’s packed with buriti, babassu, Brazil nut, rose hip seed, and Maracujá oils, plus Argan plant stem cells. When using in my hair, I only needed one full pump.

I required 2 full pumps to moisturize my entire body. The bottle would last me at least 6 months with regular use. The oil has a fresh and light smelling scent. I love that it absorbs quickly into the skin and doesn’t leave an oily residue. The natural oils are great for keeping my dry skin hydrated.

#2 Beauty Butter

Teadora’s Beauty Butter is nicknamed the “skin superhero.” The body butter arrives in a tub and is unscented. I was most excited for this product because my skin is dry dry dry. Being averse to scents, this was a great product for me. The creamy butter applies on smoothly and absorbs almost immediately.

I use it after a shower to retain moisture throughout the day. It doesn’t leave a greasy film afterward. The butter also comes with Argan Plant Stem Cells to rejuvenate the epidermis.

I also keep a small travel sized container of the body butter to moisturize at my work desk to use throughout the day.

teadora beauty review body butter skincare natural product schimiggy reviews

Teadora Body Butter – creamy texture with visible Amazonian oils. Goes on smooth and silky.

#3 Ultra-Silky Cleanser

The Ultra-Silky Cleanser is another product I was super stoked to try is this all-natural cleanser. The cleanser is thin and has a similar consistency to Dr. Bronner’s Castile liquid soap.  It takes a full 3 pumps into a loofah to create a nice lather in the shower and 1/2 a pump to clean my face.

I love that it has a natural scent that’s similar to citronella. The bottle is huge and will last me at least 6 months. The best part about this cleanser–it’s sulfate free (a toxin used to create a lather in cleaning fluids)!

All of these ingredients were sustainably produced, and are protective superfoods for your skin. My skin literally just drank up the products. I could tell my skin was happy within just three days of use.

teadora review skin and face cleanser

Ultra Silky Cleanser

teadora beauty review multi tasking radiance and renewal oil

Radiance and Renewal Oil

About the Packaging

The packaging was made with recycled products, however, I felt there was a lot of little pamphlets that detailed how to use the products. In an effort to reduce and reuse, and one day go zero waste, I would recommend Teadora refer customers to their website for additional information and instructions rather than through the little pieces of paper included in the packaging.

teadora beauty review paper and packaging

Teadora Beauty packaging

Should I Buy Teadora Beauty?

Yes! I highly recommend this natural skincare line based on a few factors. Their products are made with natural ingredients, are cruelty-free and the brand is big on rainforest conservation.

Teadora also offers shampoos, conditioners and soaps made from natural Amazonian ingredients.

Their price point is excellent. My purchase came out a little under $100 USD through a bundle deal on their website.

An Amazonian tree is also planted with each product sold. Teadora stays true to their promise that what’s truly good for you should also be good for Mother Earth.

teadora coupon code discount promo schimiggy reviewsWhere to Buy Teadora Products

Ready to add some Teadora to your life? Here are places you can buy Teadora products.

Teadora Beauty – Buy direct from Teadora and use this link to save 20% off your orders.

You can also buy Teadora on Amazon.

I promise you won’t regret it!

I received the products complimentary from Teadora Beauty. All my reviews are my own opinions and always 100% honest. 

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