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6 Spring DIY Projects to do With Kids at Home

6 Spring DIY Projects to do With Kids at Home
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Spring is arguably the best season. The weather is warm enough that you can spend the whole day outside without desperately needing a fan. The flowers outside have just started to bloom, and you wake up every morning to the distant chirping of birds. Life feels happy and carefree.

After the brutal cold of winter, spring is the perfect season to refresh. It’s also a great time to get creative at home with your kids. If you are looking for new ways to keep your kids entertained now that the weather has finally warmed enough and they can go outside, try doing DIY projects together. There is no better way to celebrate the start of spring than getting crafty with your family. Here are 6 spring DIY projects to do with the kids at home.

#1 DIY Birdhouse

Nothing says spring more than making a DIY birdhouse, am I right? This is a fun craft to do with your kids because they can actually hang it up in your backyard after and watch birds flock to it. All you need for this craft is a plain wooden birdhouse that you can find at most craft stores, some paint, and whatever else your kids want to decorate with!

#2 Colorful Coasters

Coasters are surprisingly easy to make and perfect for the spring as you can add springtime flowers to them. Making DIY coasters just requires a few supplies, like two part epoxy resin, coaster molds, and a glaze coat. You can then customize them however your kids want with glitter and paint. 

#3 Spring Wreath

Who said wreaths were just for Christmas time? Wreaths can be fun and decorative all year round; you just have to change the design for the season. Make a few DIY colorful wreaths with your kids to hang on your front door or their bedroom doors. They are also extremely great gifts for your kid’s friends!

hanging plant vase DIY Project#4 DIY Vase

Spring is all about blooming flowers and plants, so why not DIY a vase to go with them? All you need for this project are clear vases, some paint, tape, glitter, and anything else your kids want to decorate with. Then, go out and pick or buy flowers and you have got yourself a beautiful homemade vase to display in your house!

#5 Flower Chandelier 

This one is a little bit more complicated of a project, so make sure your kids are up for the challenge. Flower chandeliers are absolutely gorgeous and perfect for hanging in the springtime. To make one, you will need an assortment of flowers, floral wire and tape, a wire wreath frame, scissors, pliers, and a fishing line. 

#6 Paint Furniture

If your kids want to redo their room but you don’t want to spend a ton of money on new furniture, just take something they already have and paint it a different color! It will give the appearance of a new room without actually having to redo the whole space. Whether it is a desk or a dresser, have your kids pick out a color and paint it together. Instead of buying something new, painting furniture is a fun and sustainable alternative.

Final Thoughts

Now that spring is here, it is the perfect time to break out the arts and crafts and get creative with your kids. Any of these 6 DIY projects are easy yet entertaining tasks you can do with your family right from the comfort of your own home. There is no better way to ring in the warmth and happiness of spring than spending time with your family making crafts together. 

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