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Selkie Sizing Guide

Selkie Sizing Guide
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Updated: 11/26/2023 | Selkie Sizing Guide

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About Selkie

Selkie is a women’s fashion brand that is known for selling fairytale princess dresses. It’s owned by one of the co-creators of the UK fashion brand WILDFOX, Kimberley Gordon.

Gordon wanted to create dresses that could be worn anytime and not just on special occasions.

People became obsessed with Selkie dresses thanks to their virality on Instagram and among influencers and bloggers.

If you’ve never shopped Selkie before, you’ll notice that they are not cheap. A dress will run you anywhere between $200 to $900+ depending on the style material, etc. 

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Another crux many buyers face is purchasing Selkie dresses and spending hefty shipping fees of up to $40 USD per shipment.

And one of the most annoying things most Selkie shoppers experience is the inconsistency in sizing. It’s SUPER annoying when you pay so much in shipping fees only to find out NOTHING FITS.

Below we’ll go over how to pick the right Selkie dress size so you are not left paying high shipping fees.

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Selkie Sizing Guide

Selkie recommends that you follow their size chart when determining your sizing. DON’T RELY ON THIS.

The actual truth is that Selkie dresses often run small and their size chart is not always straightforward. Their size chart has measurement ranges for each size, which makes it very confusing and frustrating to consumers.

Their apparel also BARELY has any stretch a majority of the time. Many of their pieces are not made with any ruching, which can help a garment stretch considerably at times.

Selkie Size Chart

Selkie Size Chart

Do Selkie Dresses Run Small?

Selkie dresses typically run small. I have to size up at least one size for dresses to fit properly. 

I typically wear a size small or medium in most brands and have to size up to a LARGE in Selkie dresses. It’s low-key annoying and insulting. 

With the exception of thin cotton dresses, I have to size up in ALL my Selkie dresses

The ONLY Selkie dress styles that I wear in my true size (Medium) include the following:

Chihuly Glass Garden Selkie Puff Dress Lack of Color Dolce Scallop Hat

How to Find My Correct Selkie Size

There are a few ways to find your correct Selkie size. 

#1 Buy Two Sizes

The best way to find your appropriate size is to buy a style in two sizes and return the one that doesn’t fit. That means you’ll have to incur shipping costs just to do this. It’s freaking annoying.

#2 Consult with Selkie’s Sizing Experts

Another method is to call Selkie at (213) 376-3522 and ask for help finding your appropriate sizing. 

#3 Shop with an Authorized Retailer with a Better Shipping Policy

Our favorite method is to shop for Selkie is with an authorized retailer that allows FREE shipping and returns, such as REVOLVE, Anthropologie, Mure & Grand, or Free People.

#4 Rent Selkie on Nuuly

Nuuly is a new way to shop! If you’re on a mission to become a minimalist, Nuuly allows you to do just that. You rent 6 items a month and get to try on various new brands and styles. You return your rentals and get to rent 6 more styles. It’s also super fun to explore styles that you never would have thought you’d look good in.

There are also options to keep your Nuuly rentals at a discounted price. And Nuuly offers Selkie! This is a definite win in my book.

I rented a Day Dress from Selkie in size medium and it ran too small. It is made with thick cotton fabric, which has always run small for me.

Selkie My So Called Life Cotton Puff Dress Schimiggy VIVAIA Shoes Anthropologie bandana headband

Where to Shop for Selkie

The best place to shop for Selkie is on their website or through a certified retailer such as REVOLVE, Anthropologie, Mure & Grand, and Free People.

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