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Selkie Dress Guide

Selkie Dress Guide
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Selkie Dress Guide


The Puff Dress

The Puff Dress comes in short and long sleeves.

Colors/Prints: 80’s Ditz, Abbot Prairie, Angel Delight, Angel Delight Santa Baby, Avocado, Baby Banana, Baby Pinstripe, Babydoll Toile, Cali, Caviar, Chalk Dust Coat of Arms, Denim, Floral, Chocolate Lace, Citrus Trip, Daquiri, Ditsy, Electric Lady, Elf Puff, Hanky Squares, Head in the Clouds, Heritage, Heritage Rose, Ivory, Lahaina, La Belle Etoile, Like Strawberries, Lilac, Louis Toile, Milk Jade, Mucha, Parfait Poet, Patchouli, Powdered Star, Pub Garden, Rainbow, Rapunzel, Ribbon Dance, Stars (red), Sweetcorn, Venus, Wallflower Organdy

Materials: Organza, Cotton (cottage), Rayon



The French Puff Dress

Colors/Prints: Angel Delight, Autumn Toile, Baby Banana, Caviar, Caviar Dot, Goldie, Hans Christian, Ice Cream Gingham, Ivory, Milk Jade, Rainbow, Rapunzel, Renoir Sky, Electric Lady, Summer Field

Materials: Organza, Cotton

The Puff Gown

Colors/Prints: Angel Delight, Banana, Caviar, Chocolate Lace, Louie Toile, Rainbow, Rapunzel, Electric Lady, Sweetcorn

Materials: Organza, Cotton

Parliament Dress

Colors/Prints: Babydoll Toile, Caviar, Cindy Plaid, Cupid’s Serenade, Ice Cream Gingham, Goldie, La Belle Etoile, Milk Jade, Monet, Moonstone, Nirvana, Pink Cotton, Pink Sand, Sunshine, Water Lillies

Materials: Organza, Cotton

Tea Rose Dress

Colors/Prints: Caviar, Monet, Pastel Bouquet, Van Gogh Sunflowers

Materials: Cotton

Ritz Gown

Colors/Prints: Acid Trip, Black Swan, Chalk, Lickity Split, Monet, Monte Marte, My So Called Life, Pastel Bouquet, Porcelain, Van Gogh Sunflowers, What a Night

Materials: Organza

Boleyn Dress

Colors/Prints: Caviar

Materials: Cotton

Marie Dress

Colors: Caviar, Chateau Rose, Electric Lady, Lickity Split, Monet the Bridge, Parfait Poet, Rapunzel, Silk Satin Ivory, The Last Unicorn Amalthea, Watercolor

Marie Gown

Colors: Ballerina, Caviar, Chateau Rose, Electric Lady, Monet the Bridge, Parfait Poet, Wildflower Kilburn, The Unicorn Defends Himself

Moonlight Dress

Colors/Prints: Ivory (silk), Electric Lady, Love Letter, Pony, Silk Gauze Ivory, Stone Floral, The Unicorn Defends Himself, Wallflower

Princess Dress

Colors: Baby Blue Toile, Caviar, Chocolate Lace, Citrus Trip, Crimson, Grammie, Heritage, Ivory, Like Strawberries, Stepmom, What a Night

Princess Gown

Colors/Prints: Crimson, Caviar Sequin, 

Romance Novel Gown

Colors: Chalk Dust Floral, Chocolate Lace, Garden Roses, Honeymoon, L’appartement, Milk Jade, Monet, Nightcap, Park Ave, The Romance Novel (pastel pink with lace)

Romance Novella Gown


Rosebud Dress

Colors/Prints: Buttercream Gingham, Blue Scotty, Cali (hot pink), Candy Floss Baroque, Caviar, Chateau Rose, Ivory, Lickity Split, Lily, Nightcap, Van Gogh Sunflowers, Watercolor

Materials: Organza

Sugarfrill Classic Puff Dress

Colors/Prints: Caviar Dot, Champagne, Chateau Rose, Fantasy, For Lamour, Green Gables, Ivory, Peach, Pink, Tartan, The Unicorn Defends Himself

Materials: Organza

Day Dress

Colors/Prints: Caviar, Chateau Rose, Citrus Trip, Green, Green Gables, Heritage, Jane Eyre, Jardin de Fleurs, Kiss on the Lips, Milk Flower, Monet, Monet the Bridge, Monet Sunflowers, Mucha, Parfait Poet, Pastel Bouquet, Queen Bee, Red, Starry Night, The Last Unicorn Dream, The Last Unicorn Pastels, The Last Unicorn Woods, The Parliament, Water Lilies, Wildflower Kilburn

Beach Day Dress

Colors/Prints: Acid Trip, Caviar Eyelet, Crimson, Ivory, Grapefruit, Kiss on the Lips, Lickity Split, Love Letter, Monet Sunflowers, Nightcap, Pony, Red, Skull of a Skeleton

Materials: Cotton

Mini Day Dress

Pinafore Dress

Comes in long and short lengths.

Colors/Prints: Hans Christian, Lickity Split, Milk Flower

18th Dress

Colors/Prints: Acid Trip, Ballerina, Electric Lady, Ivory, Love Letter, Pony, Wildflower Kilburn

Angel Mini Bustle Dress

Colors/Prints: Blush, Ivory, Monet the Bridge, Sugar Sugar

Queen of the Angels Gown

Colors/Prints: Ivory

Apron Gown

Colors/Prints: Hans Christian, 

Materials: Cotton

Baby Antoinette Peignoire

Colors/Prints: Parfait Poet

Babydoll Nightgown

Babydoll Sleeper

Colors/Prints: L’Appartement

Terrace Gown

Colors/Prints: Butter Rose, Daquiri, Grapefruit, Picnic, Queen Bee


Mini Bebe Bloom Dress

Colors/Prints: Champagne, Heritage, L’appartement, Nursery, Pink

Materials: Organza

Bloom Bridal Gown or the Bloom Gown

Rose Bloom Gown

Colors/Prints: Jane Eyre,

Bebe Seashell Dress

Colors/Prints: Champagne,

Seashell Gown

Colors/Prints: Caviar, Champagne, Hans Christian, Ivory, Lickity Split, Pink Porcelain, 

Beverly Hills Dress

Colors/Prints: Angel Delight, Sugar Sugar, Monet the Bridge, The Last Unicorn Woods, The Last Unicorn Pastels, Water Lillies, What a Night

Materials: Cotton, Organza, Silk Gauze

Bubble Puff Dress

Fairytale Gown

Colors/Prints: La Belle Etoile, Renaissance Girl

Flirt Dress

Colors/Prints: Bubblebath

Carrie Dress

Chateau Dress

Cherub Dress

Colors/Prints: Like Strawberries, Swan

Corset Puff Dress

Colors/Prints: Etoile, Goldie, Heritage, Mucha, Nightcap, Summer Field

Materials: Organza

Da Vinci Puff Dress

Colors/Prints: Austen, Caviar, Ivory, Peach

Materials: Silk

Demoiselle Gown

Dollhouse Dress

Dreamgirl Dress

Empress Dress

Flower Gown

Garden Party Dress

Colors/Prints: Honeymoon, Nursery, 


Jardin Dress

Colors/Prints: Chateau Rose, Lamb

Materials: Organza, Cotton

Jukebox Dress

Colors/Prints: Ivory, Caviar Eyelet, Ballerina Pink

Kiki Dress

Colors/Prints: Champagne Mod, English Rose, Hot Pink

Materials: Organza

Lace Up Party Dress

Colors/Prints: Caviar

Lala Land Puff Dress


Macaron Dress

Colors & Prints: Angel Delight, Desert Flower, Garden Rose, Summer Field, Vampire Red (NR)

Materials: Organza

Selkie Macaron Dress Summer Field Green Viscata Diff Eyewear Becky IV Sunglasses

Selkie Macaron Dress in Summer Field

Maria Dress

Colors/Prints: Ivory, Le Jardin de Fleurs, Picnic Print, The Unicorn Defends Himself

Materials: Silk Satin

Mary Jane Dress

Colors/Prints: Ivory, Milk Jade, 

Mayfair Puff Dress

Colors/Prints: Renaissance Girl, Secret Garden

Morning Glory Peignoir




Paris Dress

Colors/Prints: Strawberry Milk

Party Dress

Portrait of a Lady Dress

Colors/Prints: Ivory

Prairie Gown

Colors/Prints: Ivory Eyelet, Milk Jade Eyelet

Materials: Cotton Eyelet


Rapunzel Dress

Colors/Prints: Angel Delight, Ivory, Rapunzel

Materials: Cotton

Renaissance Dress

Colors/Prints: South of France


Romantics Dress

Colors/Prints: Lickity Split, Luau (pink), Porcelain, The Unicorn Defends Himself, Wildflower Killburn

Royal Puff Dress

Colors/Prints: Angel Delight, Buttercream Gingham, Caviar, Cherry Blossom, Ice Blue Sequin, Louis Toile, Monte Marte, Nirvana, Parfait Poet

Materials: Organza

Ruffle Gown

Shabby Chic Dress

Colors/Prints: Hazy Floral, Ivory, Lickity Split, Sweet Corn, Water Baby

Materials: Organza, Cotton


Shrug Puff Dress

Colors/Prints: Butter Rose, Jardin de Fleurs, Love Letter, Pony, Porcelain

Materials: Organza

Slip Gown

Colors/Prints: Queen Bee

Storybook Dress

Colors/Prints: Caviar, Ivory Silk Satin, Monet, Night in Paris, Nightcap, Pastel Bouquet, The Last Unicorn Night, Van Gogh Sunflowers

Materials: Cotton

French Storybook Dress

Colors/Prints: Caviar, Monet, Pastel Bouquet, Van Gogh Sunflowers

Materials: Cotton

Sunny Dress

Colors/Prints: Crimson, Ivory, Peach Fuzz, Parfait Poet

Materials: Organza

Sunroom Dress


Materials: Cotton

Vacation Dress

Colors/Prints: Caviar, Lickity Split, South of France,

Materials: Cotton


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