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5 Must Know Places if You are a True Wine Lover

5 Must Know Places if You are a True Wine Lover
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Wine is an exquisite drink with so many different flavors, all across the globe. According to a recent statistic, the wine industry is growing at a CAGR of 5.8% which clearly states how people present worldwide, are greatly consuming wine.

So, if you are a wine connoisseur, you need to know about these five amazing places for wine production.

Must Know Places for Wine Lovers

#1 Burgundy, France

France is a country known for its beauty, French language and of course the French cuisine. Also, Burgundy is one such place, where you can easily fall in love with the vineyards and their wine tasting experience.

It is famous for both red and white wines, and a look at the vineyards will question your existence and love for other vineyards across the globe. Dry red wine, crafted from the Pinot Noir Grapes, and exquisite white wine made from the Chardonnay Grapes are the highest produced wine of the region. There are close to 100 vineyards in this location.

#2 Stellenbosch, Cape Town

Although South Africa is not quite known for its wine production, this place is a hidden beauty. It is a town, situated almost 50 km away from Cape Town and the Cape Fold mountain range. It has vineyards like Warwick and JC Le Roux and the Stellenbosch Cabernet Sauvignon who are picking up a great reputation in the industry.

The Mediterranean climate provides a great escapade to the tourists and travelers, and the wine tasting experience is quite cheap and reasonable in comparison to the other places on this list. Some of the best vineyards of this region are Peter Falke, Delaire Graff, Lanzerac Wine Estate, etc.

#3 Napa Valley, USA

One of the crown jewels of California, Napa Valley is home to some of the most exotic vineyards from around the globe. This place is heaven for wine connoisseurs and people who want to spend a luxurious time by wine tasting and dining at the top Michelin star restaurants.

You can easily drive up from California, stay the weekend there, and engage in sightseeing and wine tasting from one vineyard to another. Napa County also has to offer a vintage train, which is turned into a restaurant and does wine tasting on board.

It takes you on a tour across the entire valley and is a great tourist attraction. The vineyards demonstrate grandiose and talk about the heritage and legacy of these places. Some of the best vineyards are Beringer Vineyards, Larkmead Wineries, etc. and it is the home to over 500 vineyards.

They also boast about their own specialty grapes, and each of these vineyards has a classic antique setup, which can dazzle your mind.

#4 Barossa Valley, Australia

Australia is known for many things, and wineries and wine production is an integral part of the heritage of the Australians. Every year, many tourists visit Australia not only for the diverse landscape but also for wine tasting and wineries tours across Australia. Visit to know more.

Barossa Valley is exquisitely known for its red wines, but you also cannot miss out on their premium white wine! It accounts for close to 21% of Australia’s wine and has been deeply influenced by the German Settlers in this region.

You can not only have an amazing wine tasting experience here, but you can also go for a birds-eye view of the entire valley in a hot air balloon. It is a perfect spot for a mini-vacation with your loved one. Some of the most important vineyards of this region are Murray Street, Langmeil, Pindarie, Whistler, etc.

#5 Moselle Valley, Germany

Imagine a small town in the countryside with 19 vineyards! This is what Moselle Valley has to offer you if you are planning on visiting this place. This township has derived its name from the Moselle River, which flows through this valley making it a highly productive and thriving region for vineyards.

The vineyards in this area are usually terraced and the scenic beauty is completely unrivaled. It is famous for the White Grape production and is quite famous for White wine production. The wines have a distinct specialty – low alcohol content (8-9%) and flowery aroma.

The wine can be easily distinguished as it is highly acidic and has fruity flavor notes. Some of the famous Wineries of the Mosel Riesling include Fritz Haag, Joh. Jos. Prum, Egon Muller, etc.

So now, if you are planning for a trip, make sure you have at least 2 of these places on your list.

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