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Mohala Eyewear Review | Use Code SCHIMIGGY for 15% Off

Mohala Eyewear Review | Use Code SCHIMIGGY for 15% Off
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Updated: 5/7/2024 | Mohala Eyewear Review

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Disclaimer: I received sunglasses from Mohala Eyewear to conduct this review. All thoughts and opinions are mine and 100% honest.

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About Mohala

Mohala makes eyewear that is perfect for Asian faces. They offer both sunglasses and prescription eyeglasses. Their products are also organized by nose bridge lengths (low, mid, and high). 

The eyewear brand was created by Ashley Johnson, a female and minority entrepreneur. The company is based in Hawaii and products are sold and shipped worldwide.

Mohala Eyewear Review

My entire life, I’ve had to deal with eyewear sliding down my nose. Many brands offer a one-size-fits-most solution and I never felt that my face was considered in the design process.

I eventually underwent Lasik surgery and was excited to wear sunglasses! Unfortunately, I was still dealing with the same nose bridge sliding problem…until now.

I reached out to Mohala to review their frames and they generously have sent me various pairs throughout the years. They’ve easily become my favorite sunglass brand. 

I received the following frames to review in this post:

Below we’ll share the pros and cons of Mohala Eyewear.

Mohala Pros

  • Inclusive Eyewear Range – They offer three nose bridge lengths (low, medium, and high). I typically wear a low to medium because my nose is flat. 
  • Timeless Styles – The styles are timeless, chic, and versatile. They can be dressed up or down.
  • Accessories Included – Frames come with a drawstring pouch and an origami eyeglass case that folds flat.
  • Different colors and prints are available. Their frames come in solid colors and tortoise shell prints in various colors.
  • Fast Shipping – I ordered the frames and they were delivered within 3-4 days!

Mohala Cons

  • Low Stock – Their sunglasses run out very quickly and take a few weeks or months to restock.
  • Does not offer styles for men.

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Should I Buy Mohala Eyewear?

Absolutely! If you have issues with frames sliding down your face, Mohala is the perfect solution.

Their custom-fit frames are amazing and make you feel confident and secure in your sunglasses. 

Watch our Mohala video review to learn more!


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Where to Buy Mohala Eyewear

Shop for Mohala on their website or at Nordstrom. Use code SCHIMIGGY for a 15% discount on your first order.

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