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How to Clean Your Makeup and Makeup Accessories

How to Clean Your Makeup and Makeup Accessories
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One of the essential things you must keep doing for yourself is cleaning your makeup and makeup accessories appropriately. It’s because, when you do not wash your makeup and makeup tools regularly, there are chances that you get skin irritations. Isn’t it amazing to see your face on your lighted makeup mirror without worrying much about the risk of irritations and infections?

To know more about how to clean them, this carefully searched guide will help you do it. Check out the steps for proper cleaning and maintaining the quality of your makeup products. 

Guide For Cleaning Your Makeup

Follow this guide for cleaning your makeup. It will keep its purpose and quality every time you do it.

Cleaning Your Lipstick

Before anything else, it is recommended that you get a lipstick with a metal container. Why? It’s because plastic containers typically retain germs more than metal ones.

There is a two-step method in cleaning your lipstick. This should be followed each couple of weeks or once a month.

  • Grab the tip of your lipstick and hold it through an angle. Twist it up slightly, then scrape the top lipstick off. Do not get rid of too much chunk but only remove the top or utmost layer of your lipstick.
  • After that, on a dish, put some vodka or rubbing alcohol and submerged the exposed lipstick on it for about 30 seconds. Then, wipe it with a dry and clean tissue.

Cleaning Your Pencils

This part includes all types of makeup pencils like lip liners, eyeliners, brow pencils, and more. The easiest way to keep them clean is by sharpening them on every use.

There is no need to remove more layers. A few twists are good to go. If you have retractable pencils, pouring rubbing alcohol or vodka in a dish and dipping the pencil for 30 seconds will make them clean as well.

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Cleaning Your Foundation

When using a liquid foundation with an open bottle, this will require you to use your fingertips. It also means you need to pour the top portion of this foundation to make it clean.

It does not always eliminate germs because shaking the foundation is a standard requirement before use. So, if you use a foundation with this kind of container, try using Q-tips for dipping it on the bottle rather than your finger. Remember to use a clean tip for each time.

Cleaning Your Eyeshadow, Blush, Powder, and Bronzer

Makeup products with cake components like eyeshadow and blush are easier to clean. You just have to get a butter knife then scrape the top layer of them.

However, you should be careful so that you would not press down too much. This might break your product. Also, this method is a good one for powder as well. But if you are going to notice, there is a shiny area brought by your oily skin on the makeup’s surface. That is why brushes are suggested to be used instead of your typical foam applicator. It’s better because you can clean them after every use.

Guide For Cleaning Your Makeup Accessories

Here is a quick guide for cleaning your makeup accessories and tools.

Cleaning Your Makeup Sponge

  • Wet the sponge in warm water and make sure it’s fully dipped.
  • Lather it with drops of gentle shampoo or mild soap. You may have to do this step a few more times when the sponge is not cleaned for quite some time.
  • Rinse it until the water turns clear. Make sure that you squeeze it thoroughly.
  • Dry your sponge and see to it that there is no excess water. Pat it with a towel and let it air dry.
  • Repeat the steps for every three or four usages.
  • Check for molds. When you see such a thing, then discard your sponge right away.

Cleaning Your Makeup Brushes

  • Rinse its bristles with streaming water and prevent the water from running into its base. This weakens the glue that shortens the brush’s lifespan.
  • Cleanse the brush with enough shampoo or soap: lather and rinse. Repeat if necessary until you see a clean flow of water.
  • Vinegar is used to clean makeup brushes. Disinfect it from time to time using mixed water and vinegar in a bowl. Swoosh it for about a minute without fully submerging the bristles.
  • Dry it using a clean towel.
  • Do the steps every other week of makeup use.

Cleaning Your Hairbrush

  • Remove your hair from it.
  • Soak your hairbrush and use appropriate solutions depending on the material of your hairbrush.
  • Scrub the bristles with water, soap, and unused brush to remove buildup. Then, rinse it with clean water.
  • Dry the hairbrush using a towel and let it drain for a night.
  • Repeat these steps once a month.

Cleaning Your Metal Makeup Accessories or Tools

  • Wash your metal makeup tools like eyelash curlers, tweezers, trimmers, nippers, nail clippers, etc. with antibacterial soap and water. Dry it with a towel.
  • Sanitize these with alcohol-dipped cotton balls. Allow them to dry for a few minutes. When using tools that touch your skin face, rinse them with water.
  • Repeat these steps every time you use them.

Cleaning Your Makeup Cases and Bags

Makeup cases and bags also get dirty. Remove all your makeup products from their bags or cases at least once a month. Use antibacterial wipes to clean them to get rid of makeup dirt or residue easily.

Final Thoughts

Yes, you know that cleanliness gives universal advantages even to your beauty and makeup lifestyle. However, do not try to clean these products if it is no longer possible. There are makeup accessories that cannot be used twice. Some are not appropriate to apply for the long-term. Be knowledgeable when using them to make the most out of that beautiful appearance and aura.

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