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How to Become a Celebrity on Instagram | Secrets Revealed by Real Influencers

How to Become a Celebrity on Instagram | Secrets Revealed by Real Influencers
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With an increasing number of businesses trying to increase their brand awareness as quickly as they can in a bid to stay ahead of the competition on Instagram, the demand for influencers is increasing by the day. According to, a whopping 68% of people use Instagram to connect with influencers.

However, becoming an influencer is not as easy as most people assume, especially when many influencers have come under a cloud for resorting to fake followers to boost their follower count and getting involved in all kinds of scams. As may be expected, genuineness, transparency, reliability, dedication, and the ability to be real are the cornerstones on which Instagram influencer success rests.

Here are some insights on how to become a successful influencer on Instagram from some influencers themselves:

#1 Drop the Logo in Favor of a Personal Photo in the Profile

The first thing that any user on Instagram sees about you, regardless of whether he’s seeing your posts, visiting your profile, or your story is your profile photo. With such a guaranteed high degree of visibility, it is obvious that you should use a photo that will impress visitors the most. As much as the businesses want to engage users to be able to build brand awareness and engage with them, on a personal level, users want to be entertained, not sold to by a company. Rather than a company logo, they would like to know the person behind the account. Using a face as the profile photo personalizes the account to an extent that an impersonal company logo never can, especially when you aspire to be an influencer, people will want to connect with.

what to write in your instagram bio

#2 Followers Want to See You, Not the Products You Are Endorsing

The very basis of the success of influencer marketing is that the personality of the influencer is the most important component of the marketing mix. Remember, followers, love to see the influencer and what she does because they look up to her for her skills or status in a particular domain. Posts that contain the photo can get
significantly more engagement than those without. The reason is not difficult to spot; by adding the face, influencers can humanize the interaction making it more credible and personal.

#4 Keep Updating Your Bio

Even though many people understand the importance of an Instagram bio that is crisp and compelling, most of them leave their bio untouched after having uploaded it. Considering the vital importance of the bio on Instagram, influencers need to keep revisiting their bios and update it with current information and developments in their lives. If they are working on a new project, have gone through a special moment in their
lives, or are traveling someplace, it can be a good idea to indicate it in the bio to entice followers to visit the posts and learn more. With an updated bio, users feel more connected with a person they admire, and it is this connection that helps them to remain a person who can exert influence on the follower’s purchase behavior.

#5 Focus on a Specific Niche

The reason large numbers of followers are attracted to people is generally that they are celebrities or experts in a particular subject. If you are to be an effective Instagram influencer, you should focus on a specific niche that you are most passionate about and gels with your occupation. You could be an actor or an archeologist, but you need to hone your skills in the subject that will give you the maximum number of followers.

The entire point of being an influencer is to use your passion to change the behavior or perception of the people who look up to you and unlock the potential for commercializing that opportunity. By becoming an authority on a particular subject, you make it easier for people to find a reason to follow you.

If you do not want to be a specialist, you can choose a small range of activities or subjects you are passionate about and share it with suitably like-minded followers. However, you need to ensure that your knowledge is not superficial because you will need to demonstrate both your authority and passion for it. To build up the initial mass of followers in the early stages of your influencer career, you can buy real followers as well as engagement from social media marketing agencies like

#6 Be Transparent About Your Life

Influencers need to comfortable about sharing their lives with potentially hundreds of thousands of followers and face questions about every aspect of their lives. The most successful Instagram influencers tend to be those who dare to be candid about everything in their lives, good or bad. People under the public gaze need to be
comfortable about it because if they are not honest and transparent, their credibility will suffer and followers will no longer connect with them. Followers who believe in the influencers they follow will tend to engage with them more, trust their recommendations, and be loyal for a longer time.

#7 Be Responsive to Engagement 

An influencer is only as good as his level of engagement with his followers. This makes it very important for them to respond to comments made by followers, even when the influencer may not have desired any engagement. Successful influencers do not post and forget about it, rather, they make it a point to keep on revising the post frequently to see what the engagement has resulted in and to acknowledge and respond to every comment politely, truthfully, and candidly. When the other followers see that an influencer is not remote but is willing to engage with them, the relationship becomes even stronger and authentic.


As an influencer, it is quite likely for brands of different profiles to approach you for endorsing posts. As lucrative the association may seem in terms of earnings potential, influencers need to think carefully about whether they have a proper fit with the brand.

Remember, unless you have the desired credibility in the eyes of your followers, you will not enjoy being an influencer.

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