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Health and Wellness Guide for Busy College Students

Health and Wellness Guide for Busy College Students
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It is almost a fashion to be constantly busy in our times. Perhaps social media and the internet made us more impatient. Perhaps the lifestyle is getting faster with the development of technologies. The answer may be complicated.

The truth is, such speed affects all of us and rarely in a good way. We are constantly in a rush, rarely find time for ourselves and neglect the most important – our health and well-being.

Especially when it concerns students with their pull nighters, parties, exams and so on. Young people are less likely to know how to take care of themselves, let alone how to provide good care of own mental and physical health. 

Hopefully, this short guide will draw some attention to such crucial issues as health and wellness among college students.

How to Stay Healthy as a Busy College Student

#1 Eat a Healthy Breakfast

If you are constantly in a rush, of course, you don’t have much time for proper meals. Though, we do insist that you should not skip breakfast! Breakfast is the most important meal of the day for a reason.

It gives energy not just for your body but for your brain. That’s why you should have a nutritious breakfast, full of proteins, with grains but low sugar.

Don’t fall for the sugar boost, it wears off quickly and leaves you hungry again. 

#2 Set a Social Media Detox Day

College student wellness depends heavily on a student’s awareness. ALmost just as students depend on their phones. Social media, the internet, our smartphones – all of these are things we can hardly imagine our existence. At the same time, they don’t always do good for us. Social media especially. It has power over our mental health and if we don’t approach it correctly, our health will suffer.

It can cause anxiety, depression, addiction, insomnia and so on. Hence, for the sake of a healthy lifestyle, we offer a monthly one day detox. This is the day to turn off all notifications, disconnect from the internet and let your smartphones and laptops rest.

Instead, you can rest, do something creative, read or do anything you feel like doing. Just don’t forget to warn your parents about that!

#3 Drink More Water

Yes, you can hear this phrase from every corner and it’s already getting annoying. But! It is only because it’s true. Water is crucial for your wellness. It is important for your digestion, skin, energy, and much more.

Though, try to avoid any liquid calories, such as soda, coffee with a lot of sugar, fruit juices and so on. They are not good for you and you never know how many calories and sugar you actually take.

#4 Stay Active!

It is impossible to make a guide on college student health without pointing out the obvious – exercising is good for you! Now, we all understand that going to the gym may take a large portion of your busy schedule.

We also know that not all of us enjoy sweating in front of the same sweaty strangers. Though, you don’t need a gym to stay physically active. At the very least, you can walk or cycle to your classes.

You can take the stairs instead of escalators, do occasional sit-ups or push-ups throughout the day, or start your morning with light yoga or stretching. It’s up to you!

woman doin plank workout outfit mix and match tops bottoms

#5 Manage Your Stress

One of the most important rules of all is to learn how to manage your daily stress. Life is not easy as we all know it by now. Though, as it is not getting any easier, we need to learn how to manage it in the best possible way.

One solution is to learn how to prioritize. First of all, as a young person is hard to understand that health, wellbeing, and happiness are the most fundamental things we can have.

Thus, learn how to prioritize your own happiness over unnecessary stress, burning deadlines, and silly dramas. 

Also, always listen to what your body tells you; it is smarter than you, it knows what it needs. If you don’t know where to start, try to meditate, learn some techniques to help you manage your stress. Once you own the power of thought, no stress can reach you!

Final Thoughts

We hope our brief guide shed some light on the given topic. Knowing how to take care of yourself is important. Our body, health, and mind are doing everything for us and we need to show them some love and care.

So, please, pay attention to the things you need, don’t stress out over things that don’t really matter and love yourself!

After all, love is the best way to show anyone, including ourselves, appreciation and care. Though, keep that water bottle close, you need that too!


Sandra Larson is a freelance writer at academic writing services online and mental health and advocate for mental health. Sandra believes that our mental health isn’t worth the stress over homework.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.