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Abortion Ban: The Government Doesn’t Have the Right to Govern My Body

Abortion Ban: The Government Doesn’t Have the Right to Govern My Body
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“We’re all walking each other home.” -Ram Dass

I don’t usually get political on my blog, however, this is my online home and I need to talk about something that been severely infuriating. 

The Abortion Ban

The government shouldn’t be dictating what women should do with their bodies. The Human Life Protection Act (House Bill 314) makes abortion illegal. Any woman found guilty of having an abortion or traveling outside the state to get an abortion, will be punished by up to 99 years in prison.

The law is simply a way to control women and keep women in poverty. 

I know I won’t have kids. My body. My decision. My right.

As a product and survivor of foster care, I have decided that it’s more important to be a foster parent rather than have my own child. There are perfectly lovable children waiting to connect with chosen family.

Why? Outcomes for foster youth are worse. The data is there. Along with gender, racial and other factors, chances of a foster youth succeeding are slim.

I’m in my 30s and still deal with trauma from my past. Yet it doesn’t mean I’m not where I want to be in life. I’m glad I had a supportive family, both extended and chosen.

Prolifers who aren’t ready to support children into adulthood (ie. investment into our current education and mental health system or implementing gun control laws) have no say in what anyone else can do with their bodies. 

That’s just 100% pure hypocrisy.

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I’m disgusted that religious values are the main reason for the abortion bans in Alabama, Ohio, Missouri, etc. This isn’t about life at all. It’s about control over a woman’s reproductive system.

People who aren’t ready to have children should be allowed to make a decision that’s best for them. Doesn’t matter how the pregnancy occurred.

My body. My decision. My right.

Stay the fuck out. #youknowme

What Can We Do?

Invest in education. Educated persons understand the impact of unwanted pregnancies. When educated, people can make better decisions about their sexual health and family planning.

Restrict gun ownership. Guns kill people.

And lastly, invest in programs destigmatizing mental health and creating opportunities for those who are struggling with disabilities we cannot see.

Here are memes that sum up pretty how much I feel.

abortion ban memes losing right to call self pro-life

abortion ban war on women meme

alabama politicians as y'all qaeda

abortion ban meme uterus throwing middle finger

abortion ban meme womens sex should not matter to politicians

abortion pan pro life is not equal

abortion ban does not punish man involved

abortion ban women after pregnancy pro life hypocrisy

abortion law abort alabama and make puerto rico a state

abortion ban meme time zones and usa is in the past

abortion ban womens heartbeat law

how did abortion get banned faster than assault rifles meme

aclu fights against abortion ban

Please share this over and over again. We need to be reminded that our government is run by people who don’t care about our rights. Things need to change. Be that change.

If you want to learn more, please check the following resources:


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Saturday 25th of June 2022

64,000,000 dead unborn babies proves why abortion was 'cancelled' (BTW, the "constitutional right of" was cancelled which was never there, it has just been sent back to legislatures for them to make laws on).


Thursday 8th of July 2021

well it gies both side. I an anti fake news basically I respect pro life and choice I don't want fake news like for example a gun does not mean obvious death. and also It's like trumo and the grafiti kids. Trump says that grafity is bad but he sureley deficated manny buildings. In this case trumo is a hypocrite like the repuclicans but, the democrats whant veganism and like abortion. that is hypocrite ok so some gun death where self defence and some where because there is no free gun training. because if kids can go go gun training with I gess paint ball guns then I guess it is not dangerous like gun laws. What sI mean is that in the trump case trump is a bad hypocrite but the grafiti kids are also wrong. and manny other contries says that manny us abortion are useless abortion and kill kids just like useless gun death but like gun saferty, abortion safey with protection can help. so I guess the lesson is if you suport a group that technically can kill people, you can not complain since I want people to have guns I can't complain about abortion and since I want america to abort kids I can't complain about gun controls.

Well ok so pro choice is a choice but countries like the UK and Europe and not non American countries are pro life but only when the mother or the Child is in danger rape incest case and surprisingly, Donald trumps agrees with that. Also In non American countries there are men and women and the discussion is shared so I guess it is not mysogynistic but still problematic. Also Manny more than 130 counties agrees that with 680,000 or more abortion a year Manny useless America is on a watchlist and should try to reduce it's abortion rate and stop blaming sexism. You know I agree that other countries should let Americans to abort but I also want Americans to stop saying It is mysogynistic to hate abortion because you are forbidding an opinion without a good eccuse not every woman is pro choice and if a blm or Feminist say it is bad to like it because It is offencive you will make people angry and they will go again your opinion for no reason because you made them angry.

I am pro choice because after all the problem is people saying it is mysogynistic for no reason like no sensible vegan will say that even babies can't drink cow milk when they need it desperately. Just like even if You have a pregnancy problem and need to go to Mexico or the nextdoor state trump agrees if in rape or when a woman life us in danger then he agrees that abortion is acceptable. Also people said it was mysogynistic to trump rather saying women life and rape victims are at steak plus poor people and that the reason because he might agrees because traveling 100 miles to survive is kinda long. If peta won Alabama texas and 5 other states and they say they are going to regularte how we kill animal in slauterhouse and also milk exept for pregnant babies but they forgot to put the law and you are angry about It you can either say that babies lives are at steak and they should do the exception for that or say, that anyone who does not want to eat meat or products is a crazy war criminal and is biggoted and has got to go to a mental hospital even while ignoring that contries like India don't eat Manny meats but are not idiot just like Manny pro life people in Europe are not mysogynistic feminist and women.

also saying it's misogynistic and every woman right to abbort is like because some feminist women says so is like saying a woman has to be pro choice because it is her right and that is not letting women choose if they are pro like or it is like if isis siad how muslid shoud acy because they are muslim that is hypocrite and offencise everyone shoud have the right to do annything like pro life people all are not idiots jyst like not all vegans are idiots and don't say it is offencice not to be pro life like pro life people won't force annything.

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